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Lorega’s Covid-19 response

Lorega’s Covid-19 response

Our Director of Broker Relationships, Andrew Kilgour, recently caught up with Insurance Age to talk about Lorega’s response to Covid-19.

On the video below, Andrew addresses the following questions:


  • Lorega’s involvement in Covid-19 claims
  • How Lorega has supported brokers during lockdown thanks to our live video streaming service and online training platform
  • The issues that remote working has caused for brokers
  • How we think remote working will look in the future for the insurance industry and its customers.


Watch the video here.

Lorega tops the MGA Survey 2020/21

MGAs and brokers: Mutual understanding and mutual success – it’s all about the service

This week saw the publication of the inaugural Insurance Times MGA Survey. The survey is one of the first to gain the views of UK brokers on a range of key areas of service from MGAs and to provide a dedicated ranking.

Never a business to shy away from seeking the views and feedback from brokers, we were excited to get involved. That excitement has translated into pride with the news that Lorega has achieved an overall 5-star service rating and tops the list of MGAs.

Our success in this new MGA focused survey comes on the back of a three -year run in the top spot of the Insurance Times Broker Service Survey which ranked both insurers and MGAs together on a range of service-related metrics. Being ranked as number one for commercial lines service in the Broker Service Survey was a proud achievement and something that spurred the team on to do even better when Insurance Times, recognising the increasing role of MGAs in the market, decided it was time to have a dedicated survey just for them, and we are glad they did.

Did we think we could maintain our run of service success? Would it be different if rather than measuring our service against a wider group including insurers it was just our peers? MGAs are certainly recognised for their flexibility, accessibility and entrepreneurialism so how would we fare amongst what might be considered to be stronger competition? On this basis, the results and our overall success is even sweeter!

The MGA survey asked brokers across the UK to rate their MGA partner in five service areas covering underwriting expertise, flexibility and support; the fairness and speed of claims settlement; broker relationship management; quality of cover; the accuracy and clarity of documentation.  

Alongside achieving the highest overall rating, Lorega was number one in many of the important service areas identified by brokers namely claims, relationship management, the quality of cover and the overall quality of documentation.

“The best of service given by anyone.”

“The ease of their quoting system and proven high service provided when the policy is needed.”

“Consistently good service, low rates and great people to deal with.”

“Service and product are excellent.”

While the numbers are important, they don’t tell the whole story. The feedback we received from brokers in the survey is a matter of great pride and a real testament to the hard work of the whole team.

The views of brokers are extremely valuable, but the key to delivering sustained levels of high-quality service is to continually listen and act on what they tell you.  We’ve maintained our focus on the broker and continued to deliver an outstanding service by keeping the customer at the heart of what we do.

Brokers are rightly concerned about how COVID-19 and the resulting economic challenges for businesses right across the UK will impact on MGAs and their access to capacity as well as the resilience of the wider insurance industry after such a difficult and uncertain period. A close working relationship between MGAs and brokers, built on communication and a mutual understanding of each other’s needs has never been more crucial.

Thanks to all the brokers who responded to the survey and sharing their experiences of working with Lorega. While we are proud to have continued to achieve high service satisfaction ratings and will continue to work hard to make sure the needs of brokers and the clients are at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. Our purpose as a business is to help our clients; providing them with fast, efficient and expert support and advice when they need it. That hasn’t changed since we started trading and will continue to be so for very long time to come.

Neill Johnstone

MD, Lorega Ltd.

Covid-19: How Lorega can help

Covid-19: How Lorega can help

Covid-19: How Lorega can help

With the UK in lockdown, in response to Covid-19, Lorega continues to offer its expert claims advice remotely.  Our claims line remains open 24/7 and we are here to help with your insurance claims, whether you have our Loss Recovery Insurance or not.

With businesses being badly affected throughout this period, where liability has been accepted by insurers, we are helping businesses with their business interruption claims through the preparation and negotiation of their claims.  If you have a Lorega Loss Recovery Insurance cover and are uncertain about your claim, please let us know.

If your insurance company has accepted liability for your loss but you do not have our Loss Recovery Insurance cover, don’t worry, our professional services are still available to you.  We call this service our ‘Expert Help’ service and it is available to you, if you would like to take advantage of our expertise, on a fee basis.

Rest assured we would work tirelessly for you to achieve a fair and prompt settlement of your claim, together with interim payments to help your businesses with its cash flow.

If you would like to find out more about Lorega’s Loss Recovery insurance, please contact your insurance broker.

If you would like to find out more about Lorega’s ‘Expert Help’ services, please e-mail us at experthelp@lorega.com or call 020 7767 3070 to speak to a member of our team.

More information about us

Lorega is an independent company, owned by the people who work in the business, backed by a private equity partner, and has been going strong for 35 years. During this time, we have only ever represented policyholders, never insurance companies, and we believe passionately in the work we do. Our claims experts, across the whole of the UK, are all qualified Chartered Loss Adjusters and have a wealth of experience in the insurance market.

We have over 100,000 policyholders and clients across the UK, from many types of business, and manage a high volume of claims each year.  We believe that it is the experience, qualification and expertise of our Chartered Loss Adjusters which enables us to ensure that our policyholders gain a full and equitable settlement under the terms of their property and business interruption policy.

As an indication of our overall service standards, policyholders who have had a claim, have scored us at more than 95% satisfaction, in our follow up surveys, for each of the last five years.

Having a claims expert on your side levels up the playing field and provides expert advice to you in formulating, presenting, and negotiating your claim. Our professionally qualified Chartered Loss Adjusters have the experience and the qualifications needed to competently review and interpret the complexities of your policy wording and then calculate the amount which is contractually due to you.


Lorega expands Cyber Recovery insurance portfolio with dedicated homeowners cover

Press Release: Introducing Cyber Recovery Insurance for Homeowners

Lorega expands Cyber Recovery insurance portfolio with dedicated homeowners cover

Lorega Limited (Lorega) has expanded its Cyber Recovery insurance portfolio with the addition of dedicated services and cover to help homeowners recover from cyber threats and attacks, email fraud, cyber theft and identity theft.

Lorega’s Home Cyber Recovery provides homeowners with access to 10 hours or 25 hours of expert advice and, depending on the level of service, cover is available for related costs including repairing or replacing computers systems, personal data reconfiguration and restoration, removal of viruses and ransomware,  termination of hacking, losses incurred in fraud or theft, liaison with financial institutions in case of identity theft and certain costs and expenses in relation to defamation liability claims.  

According to the UK government, by 2020 it is expected that every household in the country will have 15 internet connected devices and there will be a total of 420 million in use by 2021. With significant levels of personal health, financial or other sensitive data being stored and shared on these devices, individuals are becoming increasingly vulnerable and their information susceptible to a cyber-attack.

In the event of such an attack, Home Cyber Recovery offers 24/7 expert advice, incident investigation and restoration services delivered by Lorega’s Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT is operated by Agenci, a leading international cyber security consultancy and Lorega’s cyber insurance partner.

Andrew Kilgour, Director of Broker Relationships, said:

”The risks and impact of cyber-related crime are no longer the sole domain of businesses. The growing dependence on connected devices in the home for day-to-day activities is creating a clear need for personal cyber protection and assistance. We are responding to this with a dedicated service designed to provide advice and assistance when it is needed most to help homeowners to recover from a potentially devastating and damaging cyber-attack.”

Lorega adds live video streaming to support faster claims assessment and loss mitigation advice

Press Release: Introducing Live Video Streaming

Lorega adds live video streaming to support faster claims assessment and loss mitigation advice

Lorega Limited (Lorega) has launched a live video streaming service for policyholders to enable the company to provide faster claims mitigation advice and expert support at the point of claims notification.


The service, available to all customers with Loss Recovery Insurance or using the company’s telephone advice service, Lorega 10, enables the policyholder to live stream views of their physical loss directly to the desktop of Lorega’s claims experts.


Being able to see the full, physical detail of the loss within minutes of it being reported enables Lorega to obtain an earlier assessment so they can deliver more accurate initial loss advice on security and loss mitigation measures. 


Customers use a secure weblink sent to their smartphones to access the system developed by Lorega’s ‘Insuretech’ partner, an international online video platform provider, to access the streaming service. This means there is no need to download software to the smartphone and the link is up and running immediately.


Neill Johnstone, managing director of Lorega, said: 

“This represents an important enhancement to our already high levels of customer service and support. By enabling claimants to provide video upon notification of a claim, we can provide faster and more accurate advice on dealing with and mitigating the loss. The investment in video streaming further demonstrates our commitment to providing expert help to minimise the impact, costs and disruption of a property damage claim.”