Lorega adds Wynterhill legal expertise to Loss Recovery product

Lorega Solutions, the chartered loss adjuster and part of the Lorega Group, has partnered with Wynterhill LLP*, insurance lawyers for policyholders, to launch Legal Expert, an added benefit to the Lorega product that provides access to the services of Wynterhill LLP if a property and business interruption claim is unfairly rejected or discounted.


Lorega’s Loss Recovery Insurance policyholders are able obtain specialist advice from Wynterhill LLP to ensure that their insurance claims are adjusted fairly in accordance with policy terms and applicable insurance law. Where coverage disputes do arise, they will be able to obtain free initial advice from a Partner of Wynterhill LLP and benefit from a range of other preferential terms**. The added benefit will enable brokers to reduce the risk of handling complicated coverage disputes and help facilitate early strategic advice for the policyholder.


Lorega Solutions’ Managing Director, Angus Tucker, commented: “This is an important addition in our portfolio of expert services and comes at a time where clarity and prompt claims settlement have never been so important. With Wynterhill policyholders will now be assured of cost-effective expert legal advice on those cases where there may be differences in policy coverage interpretation”.


Wynterhill LLP Partner, Dan Brooks, said: “This is a great risk management tool for brokers and added resource for the policyholder. Everyone handling claims right now, especially property and business interruption claims, will appreciate that we are operating in difficult market conditions. Although not every claim should be paid, our role is to ensure that policyholders’ interests are protected, and ultimately, to get covered claims paid or settled reasonably even where that seems like a real challenge at the outset.”


*Wynterhill LLP is registered in England & Wales (OC398648). The LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

**Terms and conditions apply.