A very serious localised storm affecting part of Westminster led to the overflowing of numerous storm drains, flooding the local tube station and causing severe damage to several buildings.

One nearby commercial basement was flooded to a considerable depth, and the extent of the damage meant that parts of the basement, tenanted as offices, could not be used. A significant loss of rent claim was intimated, and as such speed in undertaking the repairs became an important feature.

Luckily, the building owner had a Lorega Loss Recovery Insurance policy, so Lorega received instructions from the brokers straight away and a Chartered Loss Adjuster attended the risk address that very same day.

The Lorega Expert liaised with the client in order to agree emergency works, including pumping out the lift shafts and the installation of drying equipment. Although the policyholder was concerned about undertaking emergency works without authorisation from insurers, the Lorega Expert’s knowledge and understanding of such procedures meant that he was able to give the client the confidence to proceed without delay.

The insurer’s Loss Adjuster visited a few days later, by which time emergency works had been completed and the extent of the damage could be better assessed. Repair quotes were quickly obtained and works authorised to proceed.

The Lorega Expert liaised closely with the building owner in order to confirm that all costs were approved prior to works being undertaken, and ultimately payment for costs and loss of rent was made by insurers, based upon the claim schedule which we submitted. The policyholder was extremely happy with the work carried out by Lorega through their Loss Recovery Insurance policy and had fully functioning offices once again within a short period of time!