When a fire ripped through a private label Champagne business in Sussex, the director of the business assumed that the insurance claim would be settled quickly and he would be able to carry on with his business.

What he had not anticipated was that the insurance company’s loss adjuster would not only be obstructive but that there would also be a five week delay, whilst private investigators were appointed to investigate what they felt to be areas of concern.

In exasperation at the effect that this delay was having on his business, the director appointed a Lorega Chartered Loss Adjuster, to represent his interests. The Lorega Expert was by his side, for what was a harrowing five-hour interview in which the insurance company’s loss adjuster questioned everything from the right to trade in the building to areas of potential under insurance.

The Lorega Expert was able to provide the information necessary to refute the objections of the insurance company’s loss adjuster and to prepare and negotiate the claim on behalf of the business. He was also able to arrange interim payments which enabled the business to carry on trading.

When a catastrophe on this scale happens, you are overwhelmed with panic and disbelief. Appointing a Lorega Expert took away the uncertainty and enabled me to save my business. I would recommend Lorega to anyone.

Director, Private Label Champagne Business