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Join us at one of our free online presentations or training webinars, designed for brokers.

We run regular training webinars for brokers, exploring current topics like cyber threats or digging into the core issues that brokers are dealing with when selling insurance products.

They’re free to attend and are available to anybody working within the insurance industry, regardless of whether you’re currently working with Lorega or not. To sign up, just enter your name, email and company name on the forms below.


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What do brokers need to know about GDPR?

1st November 2017, 12pm

With GDPR fast approaching, what do brokers need to know about the updated regulations? Join us as cyber expert Gary Hibberd talks through what brokers should know, and what they should be speaking to their clients about.

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Winter is coming – cold weather claims (and how to avoid them!)

22nd November 2017, 12pm

Are you helping your customers prepare for the colder weather? In this webinar we’ll be exploring what customers should and shouldn’t be doing to protect themselves during the winter months, with our chartered loss adjuster Angus giving examples of winter weather claims he’s worked on.

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29th September 2017 - When Claims Go Wrong

What happens when claims go wrong? Learn from our claims expert Martin about how brokers can get claims right pre-loss, and why supporting the policyholder during a claim should be an essential part of your customer service strategy.

29th June 2017 & 26th July 2017 - HSE Recovery

We talk through some background information on the HSE and Fee For Intervention, then run through a couple of case studies where our health and safety expert, Ian Clements from Quadriga, has helped businesses through a HSE intervention. We then talk about the benefits for brokers of selling HSE Recovery to SME clients.

30th May 2017 - High Net Worth Case Studies

On this webinar, Chartered Loss Adjuster and Operations Director of Lorega Solutions Martin talks us through some of the more memorable high net worth claims he’s worked on recently, including two burst pipes and a fire in a family home. We also discussed some of the benefits for policyholders of having a loss adjuster working on their behalf, and give information for personal lines brokers on how they can sell Loss Recovery for home owners.

29th April 2017 - Objection Handling for Cyber Recovery Insurance

We all know there are cyber threats out there, but it can be hard to persuade clients the need for an insurance policy to protect against them. We’ve all heard the same excuses – “I’m an SME, it won’t happen to me” or “I keep everything in the cloud, so it’s safe”.

This webinar will take you through our objection handling presentation, giving clear examples that brokers can use to sell Cyber Recovery to their clients.

27th March 2017 - Cyber Threats and How to Avoid Them

This webinar, held with Gary, MD of our cyber partners Agenci, looked at some of the cyber bugs and thugs SMEs are likely to face, exploring the consequences of a data breach. We looked at how Cyber Recovery Insurance can provide an expert to advise and help businesses recover if they do experience a data breach, giving them the expertise needed to deal with the crisis and covering up to £100k of resulting fines.

15th February 2017 - BCP Webinar with Broker Network

A business continuity webinar held for Broker Network members, with our BCP Expert Consultant John Basinger of Inoni.

14th December 2016 - An Refresher Course for Loss Recovery Insurance

This webinar was designed to help those who already sell Loss Recovery Insurance and would like to refresh their memory of the benefits of the product for the customer, or feel that further customer stories and case studies will bring it more alive, all of which will help to improve take up.

16th November 2016 - An Introduction to Loss Recovery Insurance

The recent FCA Thematic review into claims handling for SME businesses highlighted the need to put the customer first when it comes to an insurance claim. This webinar looked at how brokers can increase client retention when they have a claim, including an introduction to Loss Recovery Insurance alongside unique case studies and examples from our adjusters.