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Lorega Surveying Services

Dedicated solutions for insurance claim reinstatement.

Lorega Surveying Services is an extension of our mission to provide assistance and expertise in all aspects of a policyholder’s insurance claim.

The majority of large building’s claims will require the services of a buildings surveyor for a number of complicated tasks, and many policyholders do not know where to turn to find an expert surveyor with the required knowledge and skillset. Furthermore, it is incredibly important that the surveyor has extensive experience of insurance claim reinstatement.

Lorega Surveying Services works alongside our existing expert loss adjusting services for policyholders, providing a dedicated surveying service focused on insurance claim reinstatement which aims to get business and home owners back on track as quickly as possible.

Lorega Surveying Services are able to assist with the following and more

  • addressing necessary initial emergency work
  • identifying the damage
  • compiling specifications of necessary repair work
  • obtaining contractor tenders
  • supervising the reinstatement work
  • project managing the buildings reinstatement process.

The costs for this service will normally be covered under the Professional Fees Clause of a building’s insurance policy, and would therefore be a valid item within the claim with no additional cost for the policyholder.

All of Lorega Surveying Service’s surveyors have extensive experience and expertise in handling all types and aspects of insurance claim reinstatement work.

This means our surveyors are able to focus on quickly producing and agreeing the necessary specification for repair work with the insurer’s representatives and obtaining necessary planning approvals, which is essential to address the needs of loss mitigation and business recovery.

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