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Our vision and mission

Our Vision

To help our broker partners to provide businesses and home owners with protection and practical expert help when they need it, through innovative insurance products and professional services.


Our Mission

To deliver Lorega’s vision through:

  • Our core values of expertise, passion and dedication to our clients.
  • Innovative insurance products and services, which give protection to policyholders and provides practical expert help, when they need it;
  • Re-enforcing Lorega as a company which values integrity and expertise;
  • Valuing the contribution that every stakeholder makes, to the overall success of the company.

Fair treatment of customers

At Lorega, we believe in the fair treatment of customers.   This principle is central to everything we do and complies with the principles established by the FCA for regulated entities.

We constantly check both the quality of service provided at the point of sale and the services we deliver, through our satisfaction survey after every claim. Current satisfaction levels of ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, received from clients after a claim has been settled, are in excess of 96% of those surveyed.

We believe that our products and services help the insurance industry to treat customers fairly, by providing clients with independent, specialist advice when they need it.