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Lorega Insurance Products

Our SME insurance products and services are designed with you in mind

Our Expert Services are provided through an innovative range of SME insurance products which pay for the cost of giving you an expert to help you.


Loss Recovery

Loss Recovery Insurance pays for the cost of providing you with an independent claims expert, a Chartered Loss Adjuster, who is on your side when it comes to making a claim. When you buy an insurance policy, it is not always clear that it is your responsibility to prepare information and present your claim. We help you with this and guide you through all the small print, to achieve the fairest and fastest settlement possible.

Lorega Expert

For those without Loss Recovery Insurance or Lorega 10, you can still benefit from our loss adjusting expertise through our flexible ‘After the Event’ service, as and when it is needed. Our fee will be agreed with you in advance, based on our assessment of the complexity and time involved.

HSE Recovery

HSE Recovery is an insurance policy which gives you an H&S expert to help you through the process if this happens and provides cover to help you with this cost if you are notified of an HSE intervention. We will provide initial expert advice by phone to guide you on actions you should take and how to handle the HSE inspector, review relevant documentation and help you draft a response. One of our experts will meet you at your premises to provide further advice, if you are notified that a subsequent HSE visit will be made.

Cyber Recovery

Cyber Recovery insurance pays for the cost of providing you with a Cyber Expert, to help you if you are the subject of a cyber attack and think you have lost confidential personal data.  Our Experts help you to identify what happened, recommend changes to avoid the problem recurring and then to guide you through the steps you will have to take with regard to managing the incident and any liaison required with the information regulator.

Cyber Expert

Cyber Expert is our cyber consultancy service, to help SMEs survive a loss of personal information following a cyber attack, or to help them to test and prepare their systems to prevent a data breach. It can be used before the event to ensure systems are robust enough to survive a cyber attack, or after the event if a small business doesn’t have a cyber policy insurance policy in place.