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HSE Recovery Insurance

Health and Safety Experts to guide you through a crisis

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive could have a serious impact on your business.

HSE Recovery is an insurance policy, which provides businesses that are subject to health and safety regulations, enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), with expert help when you need it.

When you are running a business which is regulated by the HSE, if there is an accident or an unannounced inspection you can be sure that any resulting investigation will be costly and time consuming. New government regulations mean that more than 60% of HSE inspections result in a ‘Fee For Intervention’ (FFI) being charged to the employer.


HSE Recovery will give you a health and safety expert to help you through the process if this happens and provides cover to help you with this cost if you are notified of an HSE intervention.

We will provide initial expert advice by phone to guide you on actions you should take and how to handle the HSE inspection, review relevant documentation and help you draft a response. One of our experts will meet you at your premises to provide further advice, if you are notified that a subsequent HSE visit will be made.

HSE Recovery also provides cover for up to £25K in respect of professional advice by one of our H&S experts. This will cover initial telephone advice, a review of documentation and personal attendance, where the HSE have notified you of a subsequent visit or have served an enforcement notice. There is further cover for up to £25K if a FFI is charged. In addition, if the HSE wish to conduct an ‘interview under caution’, then there is cover for a further £5K in respect of HSE expert fees and £5K in legal fees to represent you.

Any business can be affected by an unannounced inspection or an accident at work. If you are regulated by the HSE, this product helps you manage that risk and minimise the impact on your business.

Meet the Experts

Ian Clements is Managing Director of Quadriga Health & Safety Ltd.  Ian is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered Director.  Ian has over 30 years’ experience of health and safety management and has headed the health and safety functions for two major FTSE PLCs before founding Quadriga.

Reeve Martin is Director of Risk Management Services for Quadriga Health & Safety Ltd, our HSE Recovery partners. A Chartered Civil Engineer and Insurance Practitioner, he has over 30 years’ experience providing Corporate Risk Management and Insurance advice and solutions. His qualifications include BSc, CEng, MICE, FCII, FIRM.