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Health and Safety Checklist

The checklist below is a quick guide to making sure your business is aware of the areas of health and safety it needs to concentrate on. To see the full guide, please head here. 

  1. Have you prepared a written health and safety policy and made staff aware of it?
  2. Do you have up to date employer’s liability insurance and displayed the certificate?
  3. Have you prepared written risk assessments covering the range of work you undertake?
  4. Have you ensured staff are adequately trained and instructed in the health and safety aspects of their job with records of the training being kept?
  5. Have relevant staff been issued with protective clothing and equipment with clear information and training on how to use it and is its use enforced?
  6. Are there arrangements in place for maintaining, inspecting and testing work equipment and plant and keeping records of this?
  7. Are contractors assessed for competence to do the work safely and is clear information provided to them?
  8. If you undertake, or have contractors undertake, construction work or building repair and maintenance work, have you considered the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015?
  9. Have you got adequate first aid, washing, toilets and rest facilities for staff?
  10. Have you put in place effective fire procedures and precautions including staff training?
  11. Are fire safety equipment and systems such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and emergency lighting maintained and tested with records being kept?
  12. Have you made arrangements to assess and control the risks when working with hazardous materials (including those which may be generated such as dust and fumes)?
  13. Do you consult with staff on health and safety matters?
  14. Have you allocated relevant internal staff or an outside organisation to provide competent advice to you on health and safety matters?

HSE Recovery Insurance

HSE Recovery is an insurance policy, which provides businesses regulated by the HSE, with expert help and guidance when they need it.

HSE Recovery Documents and Resources

Follow the links below for HSE Recovery documentation and resources, including key facts and sales brochures.

A5 sales leaflet

A4 sales leaflet

Policy Summary