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10 Tips to Beat the Cyber Bugs and Thugs

The Lorega Cyber Security Experts have compiled our top ten tips and tricks to help your SME business stay safe against cyber attacks. You can download the PDF brochure Lorega Cyber Recovery – 10 Ideas to beat cyber bugs and thugs to print out or share with others.

1. Understand

Understand the risks to your business and create a register of system, people and premises risks. It isn’t enough to say that you’ve got an anti-virus installed then get back to what you’re doing – it’s vital that small business owners know exactly what might happen, what the risks are and how they can avoid them.

2. Plan

Think about what you will do when it goes wrong and build a plan. A lot of small business owners are probably thinking they don’t need to have a plan because it won’t happen to them – but it can, and it will. Make sure you have steps in place so you know exactly what to do in case of a data breach.

3. Rules

Create a set of rules by which you operate your systems, people and premises. For example. will all passwords be changed at regular intervals? Will you check your bank statements regularly to look out for any suspicious transactions?

4. Malware

Avoid malicious Malware and don’t install untrusted “freeware”.

5. Passwords

Ensure your passwords are secure, updated often and not shared amongst people. Not sure what a secure password looks like? Read up on avoiding logins such as P@ssword, passw0rd and pa55word.

6. Update

Apply appropriate security patches to update systems and reduce vulnerability. This will keep your software up to date and reduce the risk of malicious code infiltrating your system.

7. People

People error is the number one cause of data breach. Educate your People about IT security and make sure everyone in the company understands the risks to the business of a system hack or data breach

8. Mobile

Data is now mobile so think about where it is stored to prevent loss or theft. It’s also a good idea to have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place to make sure you’re not at risk of mobile devices causing a data breach.

9. Backup

Backup your systems and data regularly, don’t leave this to chance. A secure system backup means you’ll be quicker getting your business up and running after you’ve been hit by a breach.

10. Involve

Involve everyone. Make sure you train and inform people – everyone has a role to play in protecting your SME from a cyber attack.

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