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75% of SMEs have experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months

When this happens, what will you do?

Cyber Recovery is an insurance policy specifically designed for SME businesses, with a turnover of less than £5M, to provide them with a Cyber Expert, to help them survive loss of personal information following a cyber attack.

Unlike many other cyber insurance products on the market, our annual premiums start at less than £100.

We will investigate and assist with the restoration of your systems, liaise with the regulator and help you to communicate with your customers, to limit the damage to your reputation and restore confidence.

Any SME will hold personal data and will need to comply with the Data Protection Act. We just make it easier for you to ensure that you keep your data safe and ensure that your business doesn’t fall foul of the regulations.

25% of SMEs won’t survive a data security breach
When an SME suffers a cyber attack, any loss of personal information can be complex and time consuming to deal with. New EU regulations will mean heavy fines if you get it wrong. The effect on your business and its brand can be disastrous.

50% of data security breaches are caused by human error

Cyber Recovery provides you with a Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), to manage the crisis. We will provide forensic and technical services to assist with any Regulatory Investigation and incident management.

We will also cover the cost of certain financial damages, penalties and fines, arising from a Regulatory Investigation, up to the agreed limits, where insurable under UK law.

£75K is the average cost of an SME data security breach

Cyber Recovery provides you with expert advice following a covered data security breach – in which personal information is copied, transmitted, viewed, or stolen by a third party unauthorised to do so.

It will not cover more than the first data security breach discovered in the period of insurance or if the data security breach occurs outside of the UK. Certain other exclusions apply; full details of which are included in the insurance policy.

If you have suffered a cyber attack and suspect that the security of personal information has been compromised, then time is of the essence. You may need to inform the Information Commissioner’s Office within 24 hours of the breach occurring to reduce potential fines and penalties.

Does your SME business need cyber recovery insurance?  

Do you have

  • Customer Details, like names and addresses?
  • Banking information?
  • Computer systems you need to protect your business?
  • Are you an online store or website?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need cyber protection to provide expert advice following a data security breach. Even if the answer was no, all UK businesses will need to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Cyber Recovery Documents and Resources

Click below for cyber recovery documentation and resources, including key facts and sales brochures.

Meet The Experts

Gary Hibberd is Managing Director of Agenci, our Cyber Recovery partners. He is an experienced and qualified Information Security & Business Continuity professional, author, speaker and regular contributor to government initiatives on cyber security and counter terrorism.

Cyber Recovery Case Studies

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