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Cyber Insurance products and services for SMEs

Affordable insurance policies and services for businesses who want access to valuable cyber expertise and advice, when they need it.

From lost laptops and human error to fishing emails, malware and hackers, the cyber threats to businesses are more prominent than ever.

Through our range of innovative range of Cyber insurance products and services, including Cyber Recovery, Cyber 10 and Cyber Expert, our Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be on hand to get businesses back up and running following a data breach or cyber attack.

Our CERT team are dedicated, experienced cyber forensics experts, with a focus on information security, data protection and regulatory compliance. 


Cyber Recovery Insurance is a standalone insurance policy for businesses with a turnover of £5 million or below, providing the expertise and services of our cyber experts to get SMEs back on track following a data security incident. The policy will provde both practical assistance and advice to restore systems and liaise with regulators, and covers up to £100k in fines and awards where insurable under UK law.


To help resolve the crisis, the team will be on hand to assist with the following services

  • Initial assessment of the situation, giving advice on immediate actions to take to contain the risk
  • Expert advice to ensure you comply with data security law
  • Legal defence in the case of a liability claim against you arising exclusively out of the data breach
  • Assistance with contacting affected customers, including PR and press releases
  • Restoration of email systems, online services and IT software


Business owners with a Cyber 10 policy will receive all of the above help and services over the telephone, with up to 10 hours of advice being given for each claim made under the period of insurance.

We are also able to provide Cyber Expert, our cyber consultancy service, to businesses, helping them to prepare their systems against data breaches and cyber attacks, assessing the potential impact of a data security issue. The service is also available following a data breach or cyber attack, for any businesses who do not have Cyber Recovery insurance or a Cyber 10 policy, but are still in need of expert help and advice to deal with the crisis.


Cyber Recovery provides the expertise and services of our CERT cyber experts to get businesses back on track following a covered data breach or cyber attack.
Business have up to 10 hours of telephone advice from the CERT following a data breach or cyber attack with Cyber 10.
For businesses who do not have a cyber insurance policy but who need upfront cyber advice or after the event help, Cyber Expert  is our consultancy service available on a fee basis.

Meet the Experts

Gary Hibberd is Managing Director of Agenci, our Cyber Insurance partners. He is an experienced and qualified Information Security & Business Continuity professional, author, speaker and regular contributor to government initiatives on cyber security and counter terrorism.