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Cyber Expert, the cyber consultancy service from Lorega and Agenci.

75% of SMEs have experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months

If this happens to you, and you’re not covered by our Cyber Recovery Insurance policy, what can you do? 

Cyber Expert is our cyber consultancy service, to help SMEs survive a loss of personal information following a cyber attack, or to help them to test and prepare their systems to prevent a data breach.


After The Event Consultancy Services

If an SME client has an incident, such as a data breach, but doesn’t have any cyber insurance, our Cyber Experts can provide an after the event consultancy service to get them back on track. The service will be subject to a consultancy fee which will be agreed with the client upfront.

Support and Assistance for Other Cyber Policies

We’re here to help if an SME client has an indemnity-only cyber liability policy, without any additional practical assistance or expert help provided by the insurer. The indemnity under the policy can be used to pay for the services of our Cyber Experts, on a consultancy basis, to help get the client back in business as quickly as possible.

IT and Cyber Security Risk Assesment

For businesses looking to improve their cyber and IT security, our Cyber Experts can provide risk management advice for businesses who test the robustness of their systems. We’ll ensure peace of mind through a range of proven specialist cyber security consultancy solutions,  protecting businesses from cyber threats, cyber attack, internal threats and business outages.

What does a Cyber Expert risk assessment include?

A plan of attack: Using just a company name, our Cyber Experts use intricate research techniques to start building an in depth report and plan of attack against your systems.  The information they discover could provide insight to your internal networks, details for a spear phishing attack and or even login credentials to your infrastructure.

Creation of information security policy and procedures: We can help your company demonstrate you have the right security practices in place by helping you achieve certification against international recognised security standards, such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and PCI DSS.  This includes developing the policies, procedures and practices required to protect your businesses.

Virtual Security Officer: Our cyber security experts can provide a ‘Security Officer’ to businesses in critical roles around risk, audit, data, security and information management. A bespoke managed information security service with all the expertise a business needs without the full time member of staff.

Vulnerability and pen testing: Penetration testing will simulate an attempted breach to your infrastructure from outside and/or inside the network to assess the potential impact. Our Experts will use real world techniques to identify key system vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Meet The Experts

Gary Hibberd is Managing Director of Agenci, our Cyber Recovery partners. He is an experienced and qualified Information Security & Business Continuity professional, author, speaker and regular contributor to government initiatives on cyber security and counter terrorism.

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