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There’s no business like snow business

When the recent snow collapsed a marquee set up for a private party in Norfolk, damaging the structure beyond repair, the events company was relieved to find that they had Loss Recovery Insurance.

The marquee measured 30×15 metres and was supported by an aluminium frame which also formed an integral part of the floor. When it collapsed under the weight of the snow, the floor buckled and the frame was damaged beyond repair.

The Lorega Loss Adjuster was able to agree the scope of the damage with the insurance company adjuster and recover the increased cost of working and secured a replacement marquee in time for the party to go ahead as planned.

Much to everyone’s relief the event was able to go ahead – in spite of the weather.

The Broker in the case was delighted as the Lorega Chartered Loss Adjuster was able to take control of the situation and reduce the extent of the business interruption claim.

“The Lorega Expert certainly knew his stuff. Without him, we were facing a very stressful situation and his calm and methodical approach was just what we needed. I would recommend this product to anyone taking out a commercial insurance policy”.

Director, Events Company


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