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Business interruption and material damage

A fire in a ceiling void, in the small hours of a Saturday morning resulted in the attendance of three fire engines and the evacuation of the hotel in the centre of Manchester.

Whilst the damage to the hotel was contained, the fire caused a fish tank to explode and there was extensive water and smoke damage. Concerned for his very high Trip Advisor rating, the Hotel owner refunded the guests for their lost night’s sleep.

Fortunately, the hotel was covered under an ‘Eating, Drinking and Hospitality Policy’, which included loss recovery insurance, arranged by their insurance broker.

The Lorega loss adjuster was able to meet the hotel owner on site within 24 hours of the fire, and provide immediate and practical advice about the nature and extent of the damage and to start the claims process.

Interim payments were arranged to help with the cash flow of the business and the claim was settled in full. Knowing which areas of the policy were applicable to the claim speeded up the settlement and enabled the hotel to carry on trading.

“‘The prompt and dedicated help the Lorega loss adjuster gave was key in enabling me to restore my business and maintain the goodwill of my guests after what, for all of us, was a traumatic night”.

Hotel Owner




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