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Water damage to tenanted property

Following a period of torrential rain, the ground floor of a rented property was flooded with 30cm of rainwater; a nightmare scenario for both the landlord and tenant.

The landlord had Loss Recovery Insurance as part of her property insurance policy.

In desperation the landlord called her insurance broker, who promptly notified Lorega. An adjuster was on site within hours of the call.

The insured was delighted with the speed of response and the level of support and advice she received at such a traumatic time.

The tenant was re-located to a local hotel as the water level subsided and the drying out process began. Apart from organising the cleaning up operation and repairs, the adjuster was able to liaise with the insurance company to agree the scope of works and the extent of the claim.

The claim was settled for the remedial work and loss of rent. The policyholder was impressed with the way the Lorega Adjuster oversaw the claim process to achieve a prompt authorisation of the repairs and speedy settlement of the claim.

“By adding a small extra premium to my existing policy, I received a top class service from Lorega. I will be adding Loss Recovery Insurance to all my properties from now on. I can’t thank Lorega enough – you were excellent.”.

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