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Major crop fire causing material damage

A major fire in a rural location was caused by a spark from a passing steam train, on a private railway line run by local enthusiasts.

A crop of barley had been growing in an adjoining field and was almost ready for harvest. Unfortunately the fire spread quickly and destroyed not only the crop but the surrounding hedgerows.

The property was insured and a claim was submitted for the value of the crop and boundaries.

Initially, the insurance company disputed the basis of valuation of the crop, including the potential yield upon maturity and harvest.

The Land Owner appointed Lorega to represent him in the claim. The Lorega Expert was able to convince the insurance company that the proposed values were accurate and correct.

Due to policy limitations, however, the recoverable claim under the policy was less than its full value and the loss of the boundary hedge was not covered.

Having agreed the amount recoverable from insurers under the policy the Lorega Expert was able to recover the shortfall from the railway company’s insurance, under terms of the Railway Fires Act 1905.

“When it looked as though we were not going to be able to recover our loss, we asked Lorega for help. The technical aspects of this claim were dealt with professional ease. I would recommend Lorega to anyone in a similar situation.”

Private Land Owner