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Material Damage & Business Interruption after Major Restaurant Fire

A major fire, in a contemporary Japanese restaurant in the west end of London, which started in the kitchen, caused extensive damage and the restaurant was forced to close pending reinstatement works.

In order to speed up the time it would have taken to settle the claims and start the works, a Lorega expert was appointed on an ‘after the event’ basis to represent the insured.

The Lorega expert quickly established that loss of profits was in excess of £100,000 per week.

Liaising with the loss adjuster appointed by the insurer, the Lorega Expert was able to appoint a project surveyor specialising in fire reinstatement works and ensure the immediate start of the strip out works.

Having also agreed overtime working, to reduce the length of time for the works, the loss of profit claim was reduced from approximately 20 weeks to 8 weeks – saving the insurance company approximately £1.2M.

The restaurant was able to re-open to the delight of both its owner and its customers.

“Lorega’s pragmatic and professional approach saved both time and considerable expense in terms of potential lost revenue. They knew exactly what they were doing and I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”

Director, London restaurant business