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Press Release: Introducing Lorega Surveying Services

Lorega launches building surveying service to streamline property claims reinstatement process

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Building Surveying, Lorega in the news, Lorega Updates

Lorega Limited (Lorega) continues to broaden its policyholder services with the launch of a dedicated building surveying service – designed to help policyholders to manage property reinstatement in the event of a claim.

Most home and business property insurance will include the cost of surveyors’ and engineers’ fees needed to restore or replace property in the event of fire or other damage. Usually the policyholder is left with the problem of identifying and appointing the professionals needed to oversee and administer the work.

Lorega’s new Surveying Services will be managed by Lorega Solutions Limited, Lorega’s Chartered Loss Adjusting company, to provide the policyholder with access to expert Chartered Surveyors, with the necessary experience and expertise to help the policyholder through the process. The Surveyor will work alongside the Chartered Loss Adjuster appointed by Lorega, on behalf of the policyholder, to prepare and present the claim by obtaining quotes for building work, and then managing the reinstatement process.

Offering access to professional surveying support at the outset of the claims process removes the burden from claimants to source quotes and find a suitably experienced surveyor to manage reinstatement. The launch of Lorega Building Surveying Services enhances our suite of Expert Services for policyholders and demonstrates our overall commitment to providing expert help to minimise the impact, costs and disruption of a property damage claim.
Angus Tucker

Managing Director, Lorega Solutions

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