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Press Release: Lorega Launches Cyber 10

Expanding our cyber offerings to support SMEs with low-cost crisis response solution

Lorega expands cyber offerings to support SMEs with low-cost crisis response solution

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Lorega Updates

Lorega Limited (Lorega) have expanded their range of SME assistance products with a new low-cost cyber product, offering SMEs a stand-alone expert telephone helpline to support businesses following data breaches or cyber-attacks.

Cyber 10 offers 10 hours of crisis response, incident management, and investigation and restoration telephone advice from Lorega’s Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), upon discovery of a cyber attack or data breach. The CERT is operated by Agenci, a leading international cyber security consultancy, ensuring SMEs and VSMEs have the expert advice they need to get back on their feet as quickly as possible following an incident.

Cyber 10 builds on Lorega’s existing Cyber Recovery product, but is able to offer a lower cost solution to SME businesses, stripping out the additional cost of indemnity cover, by offering advice when it is needed most. It has been designed as a simple policy for businesses who understand the risk of cyber attacks and the likelihood of an incident occurring but cannot afford the high premiums quoted for many cyber insurance policies.


SMEs are increasingly at risk of a cyber-attack, but often find it difficult to understand the cover and pay the cost for an indemnity based insurance product. We wanted to offer an alternative, affordable solution which provides reassurance – expert help at the other end of the telephone in the event of a cyber incident.

Neill Johnstone

Managing Director, Lorega Ltd

Customer feedback

“From the start, Lorega offered me total reassurance"

"Thank you, you were a great help and made sure I claimed for everything I was entitled to. Could not have done it without you”

“Your support and input was excellent”