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With guest presenter Ian Clements from Quadriga, our Health and Safety partners.

Join us to learn more about Fees for Intervention, the Health and Safety Executive and HSE Recovery in this FREE training webinar

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Lorega Updates

Friday 27th April 2018, 1pm

We’ll be looking at some of the health and safety issues brokers need to be aware of, and how a HSE Recovery policy can help your clients in a crisis.

Some of the subjects we will be covering during the course of the half an hour webinar include;

  • Which businesses are subject to health and safety regulations?
  • What is a Fee For Intervention?
  • Who are the Health and Safety Executive?
  • Real life case studies from Quadriga
  • How can HSE Recovery help your clients?

There will be a Q&A section at the end of the webinar, for brokers to highlight any particular concerns you or your clients may have.