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When an elderly couple who had lived in their family home for over 40 years woke up in the night to discover it was on fire, they were absolutely devastated.

The lady of the house was the first to realise something was wrong, after being woken up by a sound in the loft. Upon heading outside to investigate, she saw the roof was on fire and immediately rang 999. The emergency services attended straight away, but despite their best efforts the roof collapsed and the entire first floor of the house was very badly fire damaged. Furthermore, the actions of the fire brigade in stopping the fire resulted in severe water damage to the ground floor of the property.

Luckily, the home owners had taken out a comprehensive insurance policy that covered the damage to the buildings and contents, and had also bought a loss recovery policy to provide a chartered loss adjuster, working directly for them to manage the claim and get the fairest settlement.

Having been occupied by the same family for many decades, there were items belonging to several generations, and many old, valuable pieces of furniture and artwork. There was also a lengthy process to determine which items were salvageable and could be saved or restored, and what was beyond repair.

Our adjuster organised for specialist contractors to be appointed to carry out the restoration of the house, removing the salvageable contents.

They agreed for a surveyor to start drawing up a schedule of the building works and carry out emergency works, another process that the policyholder would’ve found difficult to undertake without expert guidance from a claims expert.

The adjuster was also on hand to guide the process of some additional building works and layout changes, financed by the policyholder, to be undertaken concurrently with the restoration work. The repair took 15 months in total – a stressful period for any home owner, but particularly for an elderly couple in need of total assistance getting their home life back on track.

By having one of Lorega’s chartered loss adjusters on hand to handle the claim and negotiate with insurers, they were able to avoid unnecessary stress and concentrate on looking after the family while their home was rebuilt.