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Nothing speeds up settlement of your claim than having immediate expert advice to find out what you should do. 

When you are running a small business, in the event you suffer a loss, you need to be confident it’s going to be sorted quickly.  Lorega 10 provides you with up to 10 hours of expert telephone advice to help you prepare, negotiate and settle your claim.

Acting independently of your insurance company, to help you achieve the fairest and fastest settlement possible under your insurance cover.

Getting a business claim settled is about knowing what to do and having the right information to give your insurance company.  If your underlying insurance premium is less than £2,500 and your claim is more than £5,000  – within the terms and conditions of that policy – then Lorega 10 is for you.  It provides up to 10 hours of expert telephone advice during normal office hours.

Most importantly, Lorega 10 gives you an expert in your corner who you can talk to if your insurer is being unresponsive or appears to be using the small print to try and delay or avoid a settlement.  Your Lorega expert can also give you practical advice about things you can do to help you reduce the impact of a loss or to help you organise quotes to start remedial work or secure replacement goods.

Our insurance products apply to material damage or business interruption claims and are subject to certain exclusions and conditions, full details of which are provided under the product details attached.

To find out more, ask your insurance broker or get in touch ..

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